3.3 Animal Wall Deluxe

photo: Keiran Ridley

Cardiff Bay has grown in recent decades at the expense of urban green. To limit the impact of new development, artist Gitta Gschwendtner was asked to realize an ecological artwork. A thousand new nest boxes for birds and bats were integrated into a 50-metre long wall. As part of a new development at Century Wharf she designed four types of nest boxes together with an ecologist. To show the scale of the new development, the number of nests equals that of the number of newly built apartments. The Animal Wall Deluxe is made of wood-crete, a mixture of wood and concrete, in the same colour as the stone used in the Animal Wall in Bute Park. It is part of a larger ecological project in Cardiff Bay.

-Cardiff (UK) 2009

-Gitta Gschwendtner

more info: Gitta Gschwendtner

Animal Deluxe shares resemblance with the famous Animal Wall designed by William Burges in 1890; it was moved to its current location in Bute Park in 1925.