3.5 insects

3.5 Buzz Bench

The Buzzbench is a sculptural bench doubling as a stay for wild bees and other insects. Because wild solitary bees do not have to protect a honey-filled nest, they will not sting. Visitors can peacefully observe the insects up close. […]

3.5 Sky Hive

Bees form a superfamily with a huge variety of species. This family does not only include the many species of wild bees, but also wasps and bumblebees. The honeybees, the wild bees and several bumblebee species are under pressure. Parasites, […]

3.5 Insect Hotel

These objects, both beautiful and insect-friendly, can be found in several city parks in London. Insect hotels come in many shapes and sizes, and these ones prove they can be very appealing to people and insects alike. For this insect […]