4.7 Rietveldpark, under a high voltage route

foto/photo Siebe Swart

Because of higher electromagnetic radiation, there are no residential developments along high voltage routes. This provides opportunities for nature, such as the Rietveld Park in Nesselande in Rotterdam. The 2-kilometre route intersects with a residential neighbourhood with a lot of water, and separates it into an eastern and a western part. The buildings on both sides of the route give the area a spatial boundary. The park is laid out with islands, reeds (the park’s name refers to a plant species that is important to this park) and water bodies. A network of trails and bridges can be used for many different recreational activities. At the same time, it is a haven for urban nature. Because it was laid out as a park, the Rietveld Park does not actually separate both sides of Nesselande, but connects them instead. It is simultaneously an important ecological corridor that plays a role in the district’s sustainable water management.

-Rotterdam (NL) 2005-2010

-Gemeente (Municipality of) Rotterdam

Nederland, Zuid-Holland, Rotterdam, 15-07-2012; Nesselande (deelgemeente Rotterdam Prins Alexander), Vinex-wijk. Winkel- en wooncomplex Newport Nesselande (met hoogbouw). Zicht op de Zevenhuizerplas en de Eendragtspolder. Het kassengebied Bergschenhoek in de achtergrond. New housing estate in the polder in Nesselande (Rotterdam) at the edge of NE-Rotterdam. Greenhouses for cultivation under glass in the back. luchtfoto (toeslag), aerial photo (additional fee required) foto/photo Siebe Swart