4.4 Green Fence, De Buurjongens

green fence

All too often, the fence is a hard partition between two private gardens. Neighbours live completely separated from each other, and animals, which usually need a larger foraging area than one single garden, cannot pass through. This design offers an alternative that addresses both the social division and the ecological aspect. Buurjongens’ (Boys next door) Green Fence has a modular design and consists of a wooden frame with wicker. The wood and wicker are sustainably harvested from local sources. Various elements can be included in the modules: a ‘window’ to talk to the neighbours, flower and plant containers and bags, a small locker, an insect hotel, a feeding table for birds, various nesting boxes, or a trellis for climbing plants. The bottom of the fence is about 10 centimetres off the ground, so that hedgehogs and other land-based animals can walk from garden to garden.

-Various locations (NL) 2010