3.5 Beeline, Rotterdam


A ‘beeline’ is a chain of initiatives to help bees survive. They can now be found in many Dutch cities. Its length of more than 3 kilometres makes the beeline in the north of Rotterdam a special one. The line connects the northern part of the city with the green countryside. The goal of this project is to strengthen the ecological network and, more specifically, to contribute to a better living environment for the wild bee. The project consists of regularly spaced insect hotels in a continuous green structure. Even more important than the hotels is the new management of the roadsides and riverbanks. Wild flowers and plants were sown in the roadsides, and the cutting policy has been adjusted. A mix of species was chosen, so that they are in bloom at different times of the year. Of course, many other species of insects, and thus also insectivorous birds and small mammals, can benefit from the beeline as well. In addition, the route has an educational function. Schools along the route contribute to its maintenance, and panels along it inform people about the insects, plants and animals. Perhaps the most beautiful part of the beeline is realized by local residents. Where the local authority left part of the route aside, residents along this part of the line did not only do the sowing, but also took the management and control into their own hands.

The chosen mix of vegetation ensures the line is in bloom for a large part of the year. The continuously available nectar is a rich source of food for various species of bees and other insects.

-Rotterdam (NL) 2012

-Buurtbewoners (citizens), Michiel van der Lugt, Gemeente (Municipality of) Rotterdam