4.5 Biotophaver Tophaver Nørre Campus

The Biotope Gardens in Copenhagen are set up as a recreational park area in combination with an educational project. The aim is to raise people’s awareness of the concept of biodiversity and to simultaneously challenge them to explore Danish nature. Walking on the Nørre Campus, visitors come across various green habitats. On this one terrain, there are areas of meadowland, beach, grassland and forest, each with typically Danish vegetation. The Faculty of Biology additionally uses the area for educational and research purposes. Part of the gardens was planted together with the students, for instance. GXN designed seating objects for the park and themed gardens directly around these Biotope Gardens. The recreational places on the campus challenge users to take a closer look at the planting from the objects.

-Copenhagen (DK) 2015

-GXN, SLA Landscape Architects, URBAN GREEN.DK

more info: website GXN