4.9 The Crown Estate Ecological Masterplan

A green corridor will connect Regent’s Park and St. James’s Park. This corridor consists of green and brown roofs, stamp gardens, green walls, trees, community gardens and planters. Beehives and boxes for birds and bats will be installed as well. The goal is to enhance biodiversity, improve air quality and create a more attractive living environment. The green corridor is part of The Crown Estate ecological master plan. The Crown Estate is an independent developer/real estate owner associated with the British royal family, whose land-ownership dates back to 1066. It is one of the major real estate owners in this area, and it wants to create a green infrastructure with habitats for urban nature, also to make this part of London more attractive to visitors and the people who live and work here. Together with other estate-owners, The Crown Estate is working on The Wild West End with consultants, such as Arup. The master plan for the connecting corridor is based on ecologically valuable habitats of 100 m2 or greater that are no more than 100 metres apart. To monitor the progress and performance of the process, a number of Key Performance Indicators was defined, including the total established green space, increase in species and improved air quality, but also commercial value and tenant satisfaction.

-London (UK) FROM 2014

-The Crown Estate, ARUP

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