3.5 Sky Hive

Bees form a superfamily with a huge variety of species. This family does not only include the many species of wild bees, but also wasps and bumblebees. The honeybees, the wild bees and several bumblebee species are under pressure. Parasites, pesticides and other yet unknown causes have resulted in drastically declining numbers since the beginning of this century. Since bees play an important role in the pollination of plants, this decline in the bee population poses a threat to our food production. A group of designers have therefore started the Bee Collective project, with the aim of promoting beekeeping in the urban environment. Not only through physical projects, but also by raising awareness among the population and organizing workshops to train beekeepers. The collective placed the Sky Hive in the Sphinxpark in Maastricht. Bees can’t be kept just anywhere in the city. There is simply not enough space at the street level. It is also wise to avoid possible confrontations between people and bees. The Sky Hive is an inventive and playful solution: it lifts the bees to a higher level. Furthermore, the object makes beekeeping visible to urban dwellers. This approach is not location-specific and is now also used in other cities.

-Maastricht (NL) 2012

-Bee Collective more info: site bee collective