4.6 Pool Project Stadsbos013

A small number of locally endangered amphibian species, such as the moor frog, have disappeared from Tilburg, but the city is still home to rare species as the northern crested newt. For the longterm conservation of the northern crested newt and other amphibians, existing habitats have to be linked to each other. Temporarily unfavourable conditions in isolated habitats may cause an entire population to disappear. Therefore, new pools are created between the existing ones to serve as steppingstones for re-colonization if the northern crested newt were to die out in one of the pools. Local disappearance of populations will no longer mean the definitive end of a species. The pools are created to support the viviparous lizard too. This lizard is now found in the southern part of Stadsbos013 (Urban Forest013), the Kaaistoep. By making pools in the now dense woods, open, sunny spots are created, which are suitable stepping stones for the viviparous lizard to spread to the north of the woods.

-Tilburg (NL) 2015

-Natuurbalans-Limes Divergens, Gemeente (Municipality of) Tilburg, TWM Gronden, Stichting Ravon

more info: website stadsbos013

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