4.4 Neighbourhood, Eva-Lanxmeer

The orchard plays a central role in the ecological neighbourhood EVA-Lanxmeer. Just as a hawthorn hedge and other vegetation, the orchard was already there before the houses were built. These formed the basis for the urban design, together with other landscape qualities: the soil structure, a levee, seep formation, the ecological foundations of the landscape, its elongated fields and old waterways, and a few characteristic farms. The green structure is inextricably linked to the water system, the basis for a biodiversity that is unprecedented in a residential neighbourhood. The residents themselves organized the management. To this end, they founded the company Terra Bella, which is contracted by the municipality. Since the district is in a water-collection area, water company Vitens also contributes to the budget. Hence, the residents can dispose of a budget the municipality and other institutions would normally spend on a district of that size. With the added benefit of creating greater social cohesion through mutual cooperation. Working in the orchard is not only a relaxing way to get to know each other; the fruit-bearing plants are also an important part of the ecosystem. Insects are necessary for the pollination. In turn, they are food for the many birds and small mammals that live in the area.

-Culemborg (NL) from 1998

-Copijn tuin- en landschapsarchitecten, Hyco Verhaagen GMBH, in cooporatione with the residents