4.3 Eden Bio, Paris

Design: Edouard Francois, Paris, 2012 (photo: David Boreau)

Gardens and collective green spaces with the aim to create new, strong ecosystems are characteristic elements in the architecture of Édouard François. Therefore, François starts each project by studying the quality of the soil and the possibilities it offers for local plant and animal species. In his projects, there is also place for new species the wind brings in. To provide the proper ecological basis for the residential block Eden Bio, consisting of a hundred dwellings and artists’ studios, the soil of the construction site was replaced with a layer of earth typical for this part of Paris. Native plants can easily grow their roots in it and a self-sustaining ecosystem can evolve in which new species can also find a place. Window boxes were placed at the front for a ‘home sweet home’ feeling. The planted screen and the red roof tiles preserve the unity. Over time, the vines and plants in front of the houses will increasingly camouflage the buildings. The collective garden is laid out as a meeting place for the residents. Green architecture is not only the goal, but also a means to strengthen the identity of the neighbourhood.

-Paris (FR) 2008

-Maison Édouard Francois

more info: Eden Bio, on website Edouard Francois

Design: Edouard Francois, Paris, 2012 (photo: David Boreau)