4.7 Crinkle Crankle wall Distripark Eemhaven

slangenwand Eemshaven, Rotterdam (in aanleg), ontwerp Krijn Giezen

A crinkle crankle wall is a winding masonry wall that used to be placed in orchards to protect the trees. The wall provides sheltered spots in the bends where wind-sensitive species and those that require a slightly higher temperature can thrive. At the southern edge of an industrial estate along the motorway, artist Krijn Giezen and landscape architect Roel Bakker laid out an enormous (300 metres long, 6 metres high and 3.5 metres thick) crinkle crankle wall in 1991, made from construction debris from the area and held together by steel nets. The wall serves as a noise barrier that protects the quiet pasturelands behind it, but because of the debris, it has ecological significance as well: plants grow on it and animals like to hide between the boulders.

-Rotterdam (NL) 1991

-Krijn Giezen, Roel Bakker

garden wall