3.1 Bicycle Ecoduct Meedenpad

photo: Henk Tammens

Groningen is the least fragmented city in the Netherlands. Green corridors make for a well-veined green city. As a new link in this network, ecoduct (wildlife crossing) Meedenpad connects two green areas on both sides of the Oostelijke Ringweg. The Meedenpad is an ideal access road to cross this ring road. There are few buildings, it lies in the lee of the residential area and there are virtually no barriers to reaching the path. The first urban wildlife crossing of the Netherlands consists of a 4-metre wide bicycle and pedestrian path separated from a 3.5-metre wide fauna passage by a hedge of apple roses. To provide shelter for mammals such as hedgehogs, deer, hares and foxes, a substrate for planting and stumps were placed in this part of the crossing. An interactive panel and a webcam provide information about the animals that use the wildlife crossing.

-Groningen (NL) 2015

-Gemeente (Municipality of) Groningen, Provincie Groningen