4.3 Skt. Kjelds Kvarter

The transformation of the Østerbro district of Copenhagen’s city centre has been going on since the 1970s. Building blocks with predominantly stony inner courts characterized this part of Copenhagen. Denmark’s capital has 500 of such blocks. Together with the residents, some of these have gradually been turned into green urban spaces over the last decades. In recent years, a new challenge presented itself. In addition to greening, the water management of the district has become an important theme. The heavy rainfalls of the last years have placed enormous pressure on the drainage system, for which a solution must be found. The Skt. Kjelds neighbourhood is central to this solution. Measures include the greening of squares with spots that can buffer stormwater, and facilities in public space for controlled drainage, such as cycle lanes that also serve as rainwater outlets. Where possible, the stormwater measures are combined with greening. The neighbourhood is a testing ground for projects in the field of climate change adaptation, and new insights into what does and does not work can also be applied in other parts of Copenhagen.

-Copenhagen (DK) 2012

-Municipality of Copenhagen, SLA

more info: website Klimavarter